Hey! My name is Lissa C.!

The "C" stands for Chandler, the last name I've been sporting for nearly four years, but it also stands for Clair, the middle name I've sported since birth.


That's me with my husband, Andrew. We met on his twenty-second birthday. Five months and two days later, we married each other in a small ceremony attended by our parents, siblings, grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and a handful of cousins. Andrew is my best friend. He's smart, dreamy, and terribly funny, meaning he still keeps me up late laughing every night telling me stories about his life and what he thought about as he brushed his teeth that morning. I tell him those same kind of stories about me, too.


That's my favorite photo of me and our funny two year old, Maxwell. Max is wriggly and happy and runs at a speed of seventy-five miles an hour wherever he is going. He loves dinosaurs and sharks and would exist on Cheerios and M&M's if I let him. He is the sunniest (and most stubborn!) person I have ever known and I'm so lucky to be his mom.

Smile-2-2 Smile-2

That smiley little guy is our brand new baby, Henry. He is the most chill person I have ever met and spends most of his days curled up in my lap, staring at the birdies in his swing, and trying to roll over from his back to his stomach. He is absolutely perfect in a way only a three-month-old baby can be and I love waking up to him every morning.


I take photographs. A lot of photographs. I take photos with my iPhone, our instax camera, our polaroid camera, our film camera, our point and shoot, and all three of our professional cameras. We have photographs all over our home. They're taped on our walls and tacked to cork boards and modge podged onto canvases and hung by clothespins in every room of our apartment.

Day 15-2

I got involved with photography for one reason and one reason alone: I love it.

I love how so many emotions can be captured in a single photograph. I love how, with some fiddling of a few switches and a quick release of the shutter, I'm able to freeze moments in my life that would have quickly been forgotten if I hadn't had a camera (even a phone camera!) in tow. I love how much beauty photography has brought to my life and to my family's life. I love using bright colors and capturing happiness for myself and for other people, too. I love photographing individuals and couples and weddings and families and normal household nuances like the half finished block tower built by little hands early in the morning. I love how much a single photograph can mean to a single person- how one image in the shape of a four by six piece of paper can symbolize who they are, where they've come from, and where they want to be. I adore what photographs mean to people and I adore what they mean to me.

And that love for imagery and little moments and relationships is what Lissa Clair Photos is all about.

february eighth-12

So! Let's take some photographs. :)