Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twenty Six | Days 111-117

In retrospect, Max took over my weekly photos this past week.
But! Henry hogged my Instagram feed so all's fair in mama love and sibling photos, right?
Here's a peek into our week! (And yes! That sounded just as corny as I imagined. But nonetheless! A peek into our week starts below!)

Day One Hundred and Eleven | New Years Eve.
Max lived it up on New Years Eve like a tiny rockstar. Here he is, trashing the living room. It's not New Years unless someone's trashed a room, right?

Day 111-2

Day One Hundred and Twelve | 2013.
I have lots of goals for 2013- not a lot of resolutions, exactly, but plenty of goals.

Day 112-2

Day One Hundred and Thirteen | Playing with Boxes


Day One Hundred and Fourteen | Putting Away Christmas.


Day One Hundred and Fifteen | The Laundry Pile.


And Bonus Photo! Not getting in the cradle with Henry is the biggest battle in the Chandler home right now. Also hugging too tight.


Day One Hundred and Sixteen | Family Walk in Forty Degree Weather

115-1 115-3 Kiss-9

Day 117 | Super Hero Bath Time