Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Six | Days 104-110

I've decided to start posting these in weekly groups rather than individual posts.
So! Here goes!

Day One Hundred and Four | Christmas Eve!
Santa brought an airport full of helicopters and planes to our living room and I couldn't help but snap a few photographs before mayhem started the next morning.

Day 104-1

Day One Hundred and Five | Christmas
We loved celebrating Christmas as a small family of four. Max took half the morning to open his presents, Henry successfully sat in his Bumbo for the first time, and everyone wore slippers most of the day while we watched the original Star Wars movies. It was so much fun!

Day 105-1
Day 105-5

Day One Hundred and Six | Hibernating.
After a super energetic morning at the bouncy house, we settled down and did a little bit of hibernating with leftovers, books, movies, and video games.

Day 106-5

Day One Hundred and Seven | When Henry Fell in Love with the Bumbo

Day 107-1

Day One Hundred and Eight | First Snow!
We were so excited when we left the library Friday morning and walked outside to snowflakes. We missed snow on Christmas, so having it show up a few days later was perfect!

Day 108-1

Day One Hundred and Nine | Rolling
I shot a wedding in Fort Smith Saturday (pictures to come!), so we booked a hotel and made a weekend out of it. And the best part of the night? Henry rolled over for the first time! He rolled over six or seven times in a two-hour period and we even caught it on video- he is so determined I fear for my future a little. He is a magic baby! Also, he smells really good all the time. Well... most of the time.

Day 109-1

Day One Hundred and Ten | Max Meets Trains.
Max recently became obsessed with Thomas, so before heading home this morning, we took him to walk around the trains sitting outside the Trolley Museum in Fort Smith. He was thrilled! I honestly don't know if I have ever seen him so excited. A few trains after these two photos were taken, he nearly gave me a heart attack, broke into one of the trains, and almost slipped underneath the gap made by the chains. Luckily, I caught him before he figured out how to climb inside, but he was not happy when I called our visit a day. Love this happy boy!

Day 110-1
Day 110-2

I hope everyone had a wonderful week last week! I'm so excited for New Years, but not excited to get back to the real world.