Monday, December 17, 2012

Fayetteville Arkansas Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer | Twenty Six: Day Ninety Five

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The thing about toddler boys is that they need a haircut, like, every four or five weeks. Max will be two and a half in two weeks (what?!) and this is still something I have to remind myself of whenever his hair magically sprouts from the top of his head to the tops of his eyebrows in a matter of weeks. I cut my hair twice a year in a good year, so it's crazy to me how often little guys need haircuts. Usually I just trim his hair myself, but this time, my husband Andrew took over with a full on buzz (makes sense for the middle of December, no?) and, by the time he started work on the back of his head, Max was trying to help him out by cutting his hair all by himself. Nothing like the independence of a two-year-old!