Monday, November 26, 2012

Twenty Six | Day Seventy Four

It sounds even cheesier than I imagined typing this out, but there really isn't anything more attractive than a man holding a baby. Make the man your husband and the baby your baby and the attractiveness level skyrockets by about ten thousand points. These two are just dreamy together. Love them!

Day 74-1

After taking the photograph above, I decided I wanted to jump in on the photo action, too:

Day 74-2

Then we added Maxwell to complete our family photo (love this!):

Day 74-3

And then we realized... What would a Chandler family photo be without Max's favorite dinosaur, Mr. Brachiosaurus? 

Day 74-4

These three boys are the highlights of my life. They are so wonderful and funny! And yes... Henry's cheeks are as squishable as they look in the photos above. It's a wonder my lips haven't left a permanent mark on them.