Thursday, November 8, 2012

Twenty Six | Day Fifty Six

Day 57-1

All day on Election Day, I knew that my photo of the day was going to take place in a gym crowded with booths, stickers with the words "I Voted!" on them, and the colors red, white, and blue. So, when the time came to vote, I loaded up my camera bag and wore it in to the gym with my husband as our toddler danced at our feet and our baby snoozed at in his carseat. Then, much to my surprise, no other voters were in the gym! We arrived thirty minutes before the polls closed and I was shocked that we were the only people there. Apparently we live in a punctual district! And so! We were in and out of our voting booths in less than five minutes and, by the time we walked out, I had decided it would be a little awkward (and probably not allowed) if I whipped out all of my gear in an empty auditorium. So, instead, we have this picture of Henry and Andrew, snuggled up and watching the results as they rolled in. My husband stayed up until two in the morning reading articles and watching speeches! I zonked out several hours earlier (basically once the results were in), but he was a trooper and watched it all. And yes! He's still tired.