Sunday, November 11, 2012

Twenty Six | Day Fifty Eight

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Before Henry was four weeks and a few days old, I never knew that a play gym could cause drama.

I mean, I should have known. When we were expecting Max, we were given two different play gyms by two different family members. The first one was enormous (pictured above) and the other was travel sized- perfect, we imagined, for trips to the babysitters and for family trips. But! As luck would have it, Max didn't care much for his play gyms and within a few weeks, they were packed up and left to gather dust as they waited for the arrival of a new Chandler baby.

So, early last week when Henry started staring at things with raised eyebrows, I knew it was time to brush the dust off those little gyms and bring them out to the living room. I started with the small one in case he didn't like them and, as soon as I pulled it out, Max put his hands to his little cheeks and squealed "My toy! My toy!". He was absolutely thrilled, so I let him lay underneath the gym for a minute, explained to him that the toy was actually Henry's toy, and tried to move him out telling him how much Henry would love his new toy. As most toddlers would have done when told that the new baby was going to share toys with them, Max screamed and the second play gym was brought out, letting my two boys play side by side for thirty minutes at a time.

Anyway! It took a few days and a whole bunch of tears and hugs and explanations, but now, whenever Henry is playing under his jungle gym (Which he loves! These things are life savers!), Max crawls under the toys with him for thirty seconds, happily mumbles instructions to his baby brother letting him know the right way to swat at the penguin dangling right above his reach, and then moves on.

Brothers. They're cute, even when only one is pictured.