Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Harris Family | Northwest Arkansas Family Photographer

I was lucky enough to meet Lauren through a photography forum this past summer and, after meeting for lunch with our boys in tow, we became fast friends after spending an hour sitting inside of Chick-fil-a's play place as our children screamed with joy (and, let's be honest, also frustration- those tunnels can be scary!). Lauren is super funny and we eventually decided to trade sessions once Henry was born. She took gorgeous photographs of Henry when he was eleven days old and, last week, it was my turn to photograph her family.

Lauren is a photographer, her husband Casey is a professor, her oldest boy is hilarious, and her baby is the cutest little chunk. And together? They are a beautiful family! I love how their photographs turned out!

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Thanks again for taking Henry's newborn photographs, Lauren! I loved taking photos of your family in return!