Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Saturday | Northwest Arkansas Portrait Photographer

Today, we gave Max his Indiana Jones hat and let him run around the woods.

Woods-1 Woods-3 Woods-6 Woods-8

It was a hit! He wears this hat all the time, but whenever he wears it, he always runs off like he is the coolest person on the planet (which he is, obviously). Also, these woods? After he saw me stomp on a (huge, enormous, and probably poisonous) spider he kept stomping on the leaves saying "Got it!"or some other kind of jumbled toddler jargin. He is such a blast lately... and he also really, really enjoys acting like he's stomping on bugs (especially when he's wearing rainboots).

Also, my husband grabbed these of me as we were walking back to the car:

Woods-10 Woods-11 Woods-12

That little Henry. He sure does know how to snuggle. I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!