Saturday, November 24, 2012

Molly and JR | Lee's Summit Portrait Photography

Molly and JR have been married for three years and they still laugh like they just met. JR honestly laughed and teased Molly through our entire session and it was so funny to hear them talk about how they met and how they started dating. Molly and JR have a daughter about the same age as Max, so it was also awesome to compare notes about our babies and laugh about all their crazy baby tendencies.

When I asked Molly what she and her husband liked to do whenever they had time to themselves, she mentioned to me that they love to go on walks and that, when JR proposed, he proposed to her in a park. This isn't the exact park he proposed in- it's not even in the same city- but I loved photographing them in an area that even slightly resembled one of their most important memories.

I love how cute these two are together and I adore their photographs!

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Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon in the freezing cold, y'all! I had so much fun!