Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twenty Six | Day Thirty Five

Day 35-2

Since Henry's not quite two weeks old and I'm still pretty confined to the house, I've been having a really difficult time trying to think of new ways to photograph my boys in our small apartment. Some of this is because the lighting in our apartment isn't photo friendly, but most of it is because I'm sleep deprived and have trouble remembering I need to take a photograph and, when I remember, I'm usually on the edge of falling asleep. Luckily, though, I caught my husband goofing with Henry yesterday afternoon after my nap and, while I tossed most of the photographs I (somewhat sloppily) took, this one melts my heart a little bit. I love sweet Father-Son moments like these... and the one that followed that meant my husband had to change all of Little H's clothes (if you know what I mean).