Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twenty Six | Day Two

Day Two-1
Day Two-2

A few days after we started dating, my husband gave me his brand new iPod Touch. He had another one that was older, scratched, and torn (I didn't know it was older, scratched and torn at the time!), so he told me that this new one was just an extra and he'd love for me to use it if I'd like. So use it I did! Aside from Canon cameras and Macs, I've never been a lover of electronics, so I didn't realize that him giving me a brand new iPod was a big deal, but I realized it as time went by. My husband loves electronics, he loves always having access to music, and he loves being able to use the Internet anywhere and everywhere. Over the years, he's gotten me hooked, too.

One thing he never had to hook me on, though, was lovebirds. In our first apartment, we had a wall in our kitchen decorated with lovebird wall decals. The napkins at our wedding? They had lovebirds on them, too. I used to doodle lovebirds on notes to him and talked about how awesome it would be if we hung a painting of lovebirds over our bed. He didn't agree, so we never decorated anything other than our first kitchen with lovebirds. And when we left that apartment? I couldn't help but cry a little because the decals weren't reusable and I adored them. But! Today, when my husband picked me up and whisked me to AT&T to use his upgrade and buy me a newly reduced iPhone 4S (no way would I pay for a new 5 when the 4S's are half the price!), we found this case and it was the best of both worlds: electronics and lovebirds. I am ridiculous, but I'm so excited about having a white phone with lovebirds all over the back. And my husband? He is so excited that I now have one of the nicest phones available... even though he has to wait for another month or two to upgrade his phone to a 5 and even if it means that, every now and then, he'll be spotted carrying a phone in a pink case covered with lovebirds.

I call that a win (and myself a winner for scoring such a husband).