Friday, August 3, 2012

Brett and Allyson | Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Allyson and Brett got hitched on May 12, 2012 and their wedding was absolutely gorgeous.

Brett and Allyson-45

The first time I met these two, we sat down at Panera and talked about their wedding, how they got together, how they got engaged, where they were from, and everything under the sun. Brett is actually from the town that my dad grew up in and, as luck would have it, he was close friends with one of my cousins growing up. I was so surprised!

These two are just such an amazing couple. They married each other in a beautiful chapel housed in the same enormous church that they first met each other in. I am such a sap, so I felt so much excitement for them as they made their vows to each other in a building that they spent so much time together in pre-wedding. They are absolutely perfect for each other!

Here they are!

Brett and Allyson-2
Brett and Allyson-3
Brett and Allyson-6
Brett and Allyson-10
Brett and Allyson-11
Brett and Allyson-12
Brett and Allyson-4
Brett and Allyson-13
Brett and Allyson-14
Brett and Allyson-16
Brett and Allyson-18

I try not to overload my blog with a million photos from one day, especially in one post, but we had an After the Knot Bridal session immediately following their luncheon and I am still dying over their photographs turn out. So! Here's a whole bundle of them!

Brett and Allyson-31
Brett and Allyson-32
Brett and Allyson-33
Brett and Allyson-34
Brett and Allyson-35
Brett and Allyson-37
Brett and Allyson-38
Brett and Allyson-39
Brett and Allyson-40
Brett and Allyson-41
Brett and Allyson-42
Brett and Allyson-47
Brett and Allyson-48
Brett and Allyson-53
Brett and Allyson-54
Brett and Allyson-55
Brett and Allyson-57
Brett and Allyson-58
Brett and Allyson-50
Brett and Allyson-52

Congrats again, y'all! I had so much fun getting to know you!