Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brandon and Lindsey | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Brandon and Lindsey are such a sweet couple! I went to high school with Lindsey and, a few years later, she met Brandon and they fell in love. He proposed to her in the same place that they first saw each other (a classroom at the University of Missouri) and, the next summer, they married each other in Lee's Summit, Missouri. I was lucky enough to tag along as their photographer! These two are honestly a one-in-a-million couple and I am so thrilled for them to start their life together!

Here are their wedding photographs!

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BL Blog-2
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BL Blog-9
BL Blog-10
BL Blog-11
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BL Blog-13
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BL Blog-52

Congrats again, y'all! Your wedding was so wonderful!

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