Monday, July 30, 2012

Ryan and Ashley | Fayetteville Arkansas Engagement Photographer

I can't believe Ryan and Ashley's wedding is just a couple short weeks away!

Ryan and Ashley-19

I grew up with Ryan so I was so thrilled to take these photos last April! I spent a week with my family in Kansas City and, while I was there, we shot these downtown and then took a short drive to the ruins by Longview to finish things up. The wind was crazy, we got completely lost when trying to find the ruins, and everything ended up being perfect. These two are such a cute couple and I am so excited for them to get married in August! Here are their engagements!

Ryan and Ashley-1
Ryan and Ashley-2
Ryan and Ashley-3
Ryan and Ashley-4
Ryan and Ashley-5
Ryan and Ashley-10
Ryan and Ashley-14
Ryan and Ashley-13
Ryan and Ashley-16
Ryan and Ashley-21
Ryan and Ashley-23

Congrats again, y'all! I am so happy for you!