Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Fifty Two Week Twenty Six: Friendship | Fayetteville Arkansas Lifestyle and Family Photographer

Last week's Project Fifty Two theme was friendship.

Week Twenty Six: Friendship

My little boy's best friends are his stuffed friends. He loves them, snuggles them, runs around with them, dumps them in water, gives them kisses, and always sleeps with one... even when he's sneaking into his mom and dad's bed.

Here's a few more of him gettin' cozy on his birthday. He kept telling me "Night, Night, Mommy!", waving me away with his hand so I'd leave him be. Obviously, that didn't turn out too well. His Muno doll is hidden in most of these photographs, but he's "tucking him in" underneath the blanket in every single one. So funny and cute and perfect for a brand new two year old!


Hope everyone's having a great Monday morning!