Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jade | Fayetteville Arkansas Senior Photographer

Meet my cousin, Jade.

June 13-1

Jade just graduated from high school so, a few weeks ago, I drove down to Mountain Home and took her senior photos on (mainly!) our grandmother's property. I don't have the opportunity to shoot family often and I have to just brag a little bit about Jade's artistic skills- you'll see some of her sketches below- and let the whole world know how much I love these photos!

So, world, consider yourself told. I adore these pictures!

June 13-2
June 13-3
June 13-4
June 13-5
June 13-6
June 13-7
June 13-8
June 13-9
June 13-10
June 13-11
June 13-12
June 13-13
June 13-14
June 13-16
June 13-17
June 13-18

You are gorgeous, Jade!
Congrats on graduating!