Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Newest Chandler Couple. | Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Last December, my brother-in-law Matt married Elizabeth.

I wasn't their official photographer of the day, but we did squeeze in a quick bridal session before the wedding and I played tag-along with their Portland based photographer, Yasmin after the wedding. It was pouring all day long, from the time I met Elizabeth while she was getting her hair done until the time we pulled out of the reception that night. And it was gorgeous.

Here are some of their photographs!

Matt and Elizabeth-2
Matt and Elizabeth-4
Matt and Elizabeth-6
Matt and Elizabeth-7
Matt and Elizabeth-8
Matt and Elizabeth-9
Matt and Elizabeth-10
Matt and Elizabeth-11
Matt and Elizabeth-14
Matt and Elizabeth-15
Matt and Elizabeth-16
Matt and Elizabeth-18
Matt and Elizabeth-19
Matt and Elizabeth-20
Matt and Elizabeth-21
Matt and Elizabeth-22
Matt and Elizabeth-23
Matt and Elizabeth-24
Matt and Elizabeth-25
Matt and Elizabeth-27
Matt and Elizabeth-28
Matt and Elizabeth-30
Matt and Elizabeth-31
Matt and Elizabeth-34
Matt and Elizabeth-33

Welcome to the family, Elizabeth! We are so happy for y'all!