Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Fifty Two Week Nine: Color | Fayetteville Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer

I am totally behind on posting these, but Week Nine for Project Fifty Two was Color!

Week Nine: Color

I'm not gonna lie, I usually plan out the photographs I'm going to do for this project, but this one (and the next week's!) kinda just happened. My son loves to fingerpaint and make messes and this photo kind of fell into my lap one morning so I slapped it online for the world to see.

Here's some outtakes!


I can't believe these photographs were only taken a few weeks ago! Now that it's spring, Max is losing his remaining baby chub extremely fast, so it's amazing that he was this squishable less than a month ago. Well, aside from his cheeks. I think his cheeks are going to be squishy for a long time yet.