Monday, March 19, 2012

Buffalo. | Fayetteville Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer


This past week, my son and I left our main main to study and drove up to Lee's Summit, Missouri, for a quick trip to see my family. I spent a good chunk of my childhood living in Lee's Summit, so it's really fun to take Max there and let him run around in the house I grew up in and it's maybe even more fun to take him to do things that I loved to do when I was a child.

Like the buffalo.

Yep! Lee's Summit has a little conservation area full of buffalo and elk that kids (and adults!) can visit to see the animals, feed the animals, and basically just run around and squeal. Y'all did that as children, too? Good! I was always squealing. Anyway, while we were visiting this past week, we loaded up in the car and drove the four minutes it takes to get to the buffalo. And my little ham? He LOVED the buffalo! Here he is with his aunt:


He helped (watched?) Anna feed the buffalo three carrots and was pretty distraught once the packages of carrots ran out. But! He spent the rest of our time there shouting "No!" at the baby elk and running around with his cousins, so I guess he wasn't too heartbroken after the buffalo walked away from the fence.


Hope y'all are enjoying early spring as much as we are!