Friday, January 13, 2012

The Sasine Family | Bentonville Arkansas Family Photographer

I had such a good time photographing this beautiful family.

Turns out, their oldest daughter is hoping to go to the college my husband and I graduated from this past summer (BYU!) so it was really fun to talk to her about her college plans and reminisce about our time in Provo, even though it wasn't that long ago and, while we were there, it seemed like our undergrads would go on forever. Now that we're living in Arkansas, I'm photographing, my husband is in grad school and our baby is a year and a half old, it feels like we were only there for two or three days. Funny how that works out!

Our BYU connection was not the only reason I liked this family, though. This family of six was fun, funny, and adventurous! They even climbed into the woods without hesitation which, in my book, is always a win, especially when it's an uphill climb and everyone was wearing nice clothes. Also, this is the first session I edited completely on my new iMac and with new Lightroom software. I've been using a little white MacBook and Aperture (Apple's professional editing software) since 2008, so editing on a huge screen with a new editing program was a little tricky, but I'm really excited about the new possibilities my new computer lineup will open up for photography!

But! Once again, I digress!
Meet the Sasine Family!

Sasine 21
Sasine 14
Sasine 25
Sasine 28
Sasine 27
Sasine 34
Sasine 29
Sasine 40
Sasine 37
Sasine 44
Sasine 53
Sasine 54
Sasine 49
Sasine 82
Sasine 86
Sasine 89
Sasine 95
Sasine 96
Sasine 71
Sasine 111

Thanks for such a fun afternoon, guys! Also for being good sports and walking through the woods even though it was off the path. Those photographs ended up being my favorite from this session!