Monday, September 12, 2011

Women Who Love: Joy!

If you've been round here for a while, then you've definitely heard me talk about my sister-in-law Joy. She is funny, pretty, and seriously in love with my brother and their children. We have been close friends since I was fifteen (!!!), so I'm ridiculously excited that she wanted to participate in this series. Here she is!


Name: Joy Bogart

Joy  135

Age: 28
Love: My fam!

Tell me a little about your children:
I have 2 kids, Sophie (4) and Cole (2). They brighten my days and make my nights a little less sleep-filled. Sophie is a drama queen with a love for all things pink and princess. Cole is a mini-me of my hubs, which I absolutely adore. He loves trucks, big noises, Spiderman and music.

Joy  150
Joy  148

Tell me a little about your husband:
I know everyone says they are married to their best friend, and I'm sure they mean it. But, I literally am. We were friends first. And then suddenly, found ourselves in love. Nathan is a quiet guy in public, a talkative guy at home, a street taco connoisseur, a closet reader of all books (even Jane Austen!) and an adventurer.

Joy  071

He makes me laugh and is the best daddy in the world. My kids absolutely adore him. Every time the doorbell rings, they run to the door and hope Daddy is on the other side. Nathan is a good example to me in knowing when to slow down and enjoy the view. I have a tendency to rush through things (mostly laundry), but it's nice to have someone who can balance that.

Joy  017

How does spending time with your family positively impact the rest of your life?
My family is my life. Everything I do is either because of them, or for them. Whether that is choosing to go back to nightshift as a registered nurse so I can be home with my kids during the day, or choosing to do dishes instead of reading a book. I don't say this to toot my own horn by any means. I just know that someone somewhere can always do the extra jobs out there, but I am the only one can be my kids' momma or my hubs' wife.

Joy  012

How has your family given you confidence?
Being a wife and mother has given me lots of things: stretch marks, an extra ten pounds that won't budge and a smaller shoe collecting. But, confidence has definitely been added to my arsenal of attributes.

Joy  067

Growing up, I was scared to be a wife and mother. It sounded so intense and so boring. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to do it. But the thought terrified me and I had images of dishes, bathroom toilets and diapers. While that is definitely in the equation, it isn't all about cleaning. It isn't all about the yucky diapers. It's about love. And love of a family can truly make you feel wanted and accepted in this thing we call life. I have gained confidence in the knowledge that I can do this. I can be a good momma. I can be a good companion for my hubs. The house doesn't always look perfect, and I do have pj days with the kids. But that's okay. Life is meant to be lived and in living, messes happen.

Joy  096
Joy  101

Why is it so important to you to spend quality time with your family?
When we choose to spend time together as a family, I truly believe that it is not just an hour or two that is affected. Memories are being made for an eternity. Family time is not just a nice thing to do; it is a necessity for our happiness.

Joy  132
Joy  130

What are the kinds of things you like to do together?
Oh- what don't we like to do? We love to Netflix movies and lay on the couch. Movies are fabulous and my kids are major movie junkies! We love to have picnics. We go to Sam's Club every Saturday just to eat the samples. My kids call the sample people "those nice food people" and yes, they do know us by name! We love to go on trips. Day trips, vacations, or even just trips across town to new stores or new places to eat. We read together daily. We go to church together. We try and teach these hoodlums how to act in public (some days are better than others!). We love to go the the farmer's market and the library. An adventure can happen anywhere and we have definitely learned that form our children.

Joy  163
Joy  170
Joy  172

In one sentence, what are your feelings about your family?
My family is my precious.


Thanks so much, Joy! You are wonderful!
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