Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Photo, Three Ways

While staying with my brother's family this past weekend, we were bound and determined to set aside some time in our visit to take family and cousin pictures. When we got to our location, though, the wind picked up like crazy, setting hair and skirts flying in every direction. So, we did what any family holding a casual photoshoot would do: Went to the library!


We tried to wait out the wind but our stomachs (or, more accurately, the kids' stomachs) beat us to the punch and instead of taking family photographs, we ended up eating street tacos and chasing our children down as they made downtown Fayetteville their very own playground. When we got home, they each took three hour naps.

After that, we took them in the backyard and took photographs for Father's Day. I'll post them later (one is posted below!), but for now, the adorable photo above will have to do our 10 hour pursuit of family photographs justice!

Thanks Nathan and Joy for having such cute kids- I'm excited to take real family pictures the next time I come down (or, y'know, when we move there)! Maybe we should try it after nap time next time?