Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The past while I've been really lucky to photograph two of my family members!
Yesterday, I posted photographs of my father-in-law and today, y'all get to meet Katy:

Katy  009

Katy is my fun-loving cousin and we took these to celebrate her graduation from BYU-Idaho. She spent her last semester student teaching high school math in Las Vegas and she stopped and stayed with us while on her way back up to Rexburg for her graduation ceremony. While she was here, we took these!

Katy  022
Katy  024
Katy  025

Katy's a mathematical smarty pants and these next photographs made me laugh the whole time I edited the series I pulled them from.

Katy  076
Katy  083

Congratulations on graduation, Katy!

Katy  047

You will be a wonderful math teacher and in fifteen years, I'll be calling you for help with Max's homework.